Red, White, Blue, and I Do

For a patriotic summer bride, nothing could be more festive than 4th of July wedding. There is already plenty to celebrate on Independence Day, so also making it your wedding day doubles the celebration. There are many ways to incorporate the essence of the 4th of July on your wedding day, through fireworks, food, and a patriotic color scheme. 

Festive Foods

There are many ways to feature 4th of July festivities in your wedding day treats. From hot dogs and hamburgers to patriotic pastries, food can be a great final touch to your Independence Day wedding. 


The Red, White, and Blue

The easiest way to add some Independence Day into your wedding to is to incorporate the patriotic red, white, and blue into your color scheme. With a white wedding dress, having red and blue bridesmaid dresses creates a patriotic look for your bridal party. Continuing the red, white, and blue color scheme into your decorations we make for a beautiful and festive reception.


Happy 4th of July!


A Two in One

            Its not uncommon for a bride to want two different looks for her wedding day, one for the ceremony and the other for the reception. In the past, this meant getting two dresses, but now a day brides do not have to split their budget between two dresses. Instead, more and more brides are opting for one dress that can be altered in just seconds to become a completely new dress. This popular trend of having detachable overskirts allows brides to have one wedding day look for the ceremony and an entirely new look by just removing the overskirt.


Ceremony Conservative to Reception Party Ready

Often when brides choose to have two looks for their wedding day, it is because they want a more conservative look for the ceremony and a fun party look for the reception. The overskirt can give the bride that conservative look they are wanting for the ceremony. Just remove the skirt and you are party ready. For the brides who want an even bolder reception look, short dresses or even pants are a great look to have under that overskirt.


A Little Glitz and Glamour

For the bride who wants her wedding to be a party, nothing could be better than incorporating some metallic to the big day. Metallic certainly adds some glitz and glamour to any wedding day. From bridesmaid dresses to wedding cakes, there are so many place to feature some shine.

Metallic Bridal Party 

Having metallic bridesmaid dresses is a great way to have your bridal party stand out and look fabulous. Have them in all different metallic colors or all the same, either way the metallic of the dresses will create a beautiful and unified look for your bridal party. And for the bride who wants some glitz and glamour for herself, find a wedding dress for yourself that incorporates some metallic. 


A Cake that Sparkles

For a wedding cake that wont be forgotten, add some metallic flare. Metallic golds and silvers have a shine that will catch your eye, but are neutral enough that they are not over the top.