A Pop of Watercolor

As we transition from spring to summer, one trend that we have already started to notice has been watercolor designs. From invitations to cakes, watercolor inspirations can be found in many aspects throughout weddings. The soft touch of color is very festive and in tune with the season.

Bold and Beautiful Brides

For the bride who wants a bold and whimsical dress, a watercolor wedding gown will create a one of a kind look. You can keep it simple with just a hint of color or add some extra flare with a delicate floral design, either way, a watercolor dress will leave all your guests in awe. 


A Splash of Color 

Watercolors have become extremely popular in cake designs. It is a break way to tastefully add some color to any wedding cake. Brides have been incorporating watercolors into their cake designs through colorful icing, painted touches, and decorative flowers.



A Few Extra Touches

The the subtlety and softness of watercolor can be found in so many more extra touches of a wedding. We have been seeing watercolor in paper products and even décor. Perfect for the bride who wants a colorful summer feel without going overboard. 




Blushing Brides

“Blushing bride” has become more than just an expression, it is now an entire look as more and more brides opt to incorporate blush into their wedding day look. Blush and light pinks have long been popular colors in weddings but typically in the décor. Recently, we have been seeing a move toward using blush to create a soft romantic bridal look.

Positively Glowing

 Softer makeup that focuses on using light pinks and blush creates a most elegant and romantic look that is perfect for a bride’s special day. Rosie cheeks will be sure to give a bride a beautiful wedding day glow. 


A Hint of Color

For brides who want a unique dress that still captures the romance of the big day, blush has become an increasingly popular choice for wedding gowns. Blush adds just the smallest hint of color that adds a new touch to a traditional look without being overwhelming.