Fall In Love

Fall foliage is the first indication that the holiday season is rapidly approaching and is an excellent addition to a fall wedding fete. It is important as a saavy bride and groom to pick flower arrangements that are season-appropriate, embracing your choice of a September-November wedding and staying cost-effective.  While spring and summer blooms are no longer in season, there are plenty of gorgeous fall flowers that have us giving thanks! 

Divine Dahlias

Dahlias are a fall floral that can stand alone or mesh well in a crowd. Choose a deep aubergine or pumpkin-colored bouquet for a lovely wedding statement or let dahlias share the spotlight, like in this bridal bouquet of deep red dahlias and roses. 


Romantic Roses

Luckily for brides, the most commonly used and ever-gorgeous rose is always in season as they are in high-demand year round. For a festive fall look, choose colors like reds, oranges and yellows to carry down the aisle accented with oak leaves and berries. Or for a look that says fall but hints at spring to come, choose flowers of this aforementioned color scheme dabbled with fresh green roses and leaves. 


Ravishing Ranunculus 

Ranunculus are a slightly lesser-known flower but pack a similar punch as a peony. Choose an all-ranunculus bouquet of orange-colored blooms or accent these flowers with fall hydrangeas. For a spunky and unique arrangement, sunset-colored ranunculus and sunshine yellow billy bottoms are sure to convey your happiness on your very happy day.



The Braided and The Beautiful

One very hot (and practical!) trend that we are seeing right now and predict it to remain popular in 2013 is the incorporation of braids into your wedding 'do. Not only is it in fashion and has proven the test of time over a number of years, it is highly practical because it doesn't require a lot of muss and fuss. Behold, all the different ways you can look beautiful in braids!

Au Natural 'Do

For the natural and perhaps slightly more boho bride, let your hair down wild and free and accent this look with a lovely braid. A side braid is a nice and simple style that will jazz up your mane. Or for a slightly more modern look, choose a waterfall braid, which happens to look spectacular with highlights!


Classic Plaits

Though classic, the braid in its simplest form is often the most beautiful. One long, side swept fishtail braid is so simple and lovely. Or a bride can go a step further and create a braided headband that moves into a long braid. 


Braided Buns 

An elegant way to incorporate braids into your wedding look is with a plaited updo. Choose a side braid into a neat bun or twisted braids that come together in a slightly messy hairstyle. To liven up the look, fresh flowers of your choosing accent this look well. Or create a fresh and clean look that frames your face beautifully, create a braided "hairband" that is sleek and sophisticated.



Southern Comfort

For any southern couple who grew up eating grits, what better way to celebrate your Old South heritage than an homage on your wedding day in the form of food? Even if you are not a *true* southerner, we think that nothing sounds better than a little southern-fried love.

Americana Appetizers

It is important as hosts to serve guests one-bite options to pop in their mouths and continue mingling. With that in mind, we have a few southern-inspired appetizer options that fit the bill. As we know, deviled eggs are the way to any southern belle's heart so why not serve them at your wedding? For other easy-to-eat options, choose angel biscuits with pimento cheese or honey butter, fried green tomatoes and okra with creamy remoulade sauce. And for a unique buffet idea that is sure to please picky palettes, pickled vegetables are perfection plain or to top off a bloody mary bar! 


Countryside Entrees

No matter what part of the south you hail from, we have comforting entree ideas for every region. For a seated entree option, shrimp and grits is sure to please, and can be turned into an easy buffet option if served in a martini glass complete with spoon. For other meaty options, fried chicken and bbq are perfect picks as well. And for a side dish that is a southern-approved classic, ooey gooey macaroni and cheese couldn't be a better choice!


Deep South Desserts & Drinks

As any good host knows, libations are key! To continue the theme, choose texas tea vodka cocktails or derby-friendly mint juleps are perfect signature cocktails for passing. And for dessert, a buffet of different pies - rhubarb, peach, blueberry, banana creme - are the answer!



Pearl Girl

Pearls are undeniably classic and a big trend we anticipate seeing in 2013. We're not sure if we can officially call it a "trend" as it has stood the test of time ten times over, but we do know that people will be wearing this look more because of styles we've seen on the bridal runways. Whether you are rocking a pair of vintage pearls passed down by a relative or taking a slightly less conventional approach to the look, pearls are pristine perfection. Here are our favorite ways to don these lovely little gems.

Pearl Touches

Whether you are incorporating your "something old" into your ensemble or are sporting a brand new look, pearls will not be something you will look back on in twenty years and ask "what was I thinking?" because the fact of the matter is... pearls are always a smart choice. Whether you choose a traditional hair comb to hold your chignon in place or a stunning statement necklace of pearls, these choices are brilliant. But another very brilliant choice is to flaunt your wedding pedi with pearl peep toes... we just love this!


Pearl Bouquets

Pearls are a traditional symbol of purity so what better way to walk down the aisle than holding a bouquet adorned with pearls? For a slightly less traditional look, carry a bouquet of fabric flowers studded with pearls and crystals for an arrangement you can cherish for a lifetime. Or to embrace the brooch bouquet trend that is oh-so-hot right now, carry a crystal and pearl bouquet that is sure to make a statement. Or for a slightly more classic look, wrap your bouquet in lace and fabric and adorn the handle with a vintage brooch or a strand of pearls. 


Perfectly Pearlized Cakes

For a preppy and clean cake, choose pearl decor to drive home the theme of your big day. Whether your cake is decorated with draping pearls, studded with little pearl circles or trimmed in solid strands, all looks look very polished. For a more modern look, ask your wedding cake designer to cluster different sizes of pearls for a unique and lovely statement. 



Tea For Two

Whether you are the bookish, tea-drinking type or just enjoy the aesthetic, a tea party can serve as excellent inspiration for your bridal shower, engagement party, rehearsal dinner or wedding! This look can go English countryside vintage chic or whimsical Mad Hatter tea party...let your imagination brew and see what comes of it. But in the meantime, we'll get your creative juices flowing with some of our favorite ideas!

Impressive Invitations

As any good planner knows, invitations are the first glimpse at the celebration so let your theme shine! For the precursor events, use the tea party imagery to make a cute party invite. Or let the tea literally do the talking and personalize a tea bag with the party details. If you'd like to keep your wedding invitation a bit more formal and steer clear of the word "cute", choose a lace envelope that's inspired by an proper lace tablecloth of the same material. 


Darjeeling-Inspired Decor

For your tea party-themed event, long banquet tables studded with teapots and tea cups are perfect for your guests to pour over. And for an eye-catching centerpiece, stack vintage teacups and pots to make table setting towers. If flowers are more your style, antique tea canisters filled with tea roses and other blush-toned florals make for a unique and lovely display. To accent the tea party decor, lacey picture frames and vintage luggage are lovely to look at. And for additional guest seating, coffee tables strewn with platters of tea sandwiches and cakes are perfect for guests to sit around and sip!


Tea Time

It's a nice idea to give your guests a little extra perk before they leave your soiree. Create a tea bar with different types of flavors of the beverage to be scooped into personalized tea pouches. Or, to simplify the process, individual tea portions with you and your sweetheart's name and wedding date on it are perfect take home gifts. However, if your guests are filled to the brim with tea, be a DIY bride and make candles out of vintage, flea market tea cups!



Something Blue

Everyone knows the saying. And most also know that wearing something old, new, borrowed and blue ensures a bride's good luck as she walks down the aisle. Of the four - old, new, borrowed, and blue - perhaps the one you can have the most fun with stylistically is blue. And with designers nowadays thinking of creative ways to keep that saying alive, brides have a bevy of options of how to insert a little blue pop into their wedding look!

Blue Bouquets

One beautiful way to incorporate blue into your look is to carry a blue-hued bouquet down the aisle. A bundle of blue hydrangeas is a perfect pick for a spring or summer wedding celebration. Or perhaps a bouquet studded with blue bonnets for a nod to Texas hill country is more your speed. Whichever way you choose, you will surely be a blushing, anything but blue bride!


Sapphire Accessories

As we mentioned before, designers are taking into account brides' questions to find gorgeous, blue-hued items to incorporate into their bridal looks and there is certainly no shortage of creative ideas! For a sophisticated country wedding, incorporate blue flowers into your wedding 'do. Or opt for a beautifully beaded blue clutch to carry your wedding day necessities in. Another option is to find a deep blue heel to hide underneath your bridal petticoat - to keep you staying gorgeous and with good fortune with every step you take on your big day!


Glorious Gems

One subtle and elegant way to incorporate blue into your ensemble is to pick jewels to wear in your lucky color. Choose dangling sapphire earrings to keep you twinkling bright at your ceremony and reception. Or choose an eye-catching bib necklace accented with blue ribbon to keep luck close to your heart. Or perhaps you can incorporate both old and blue if you choose a vintage, blue-jeweled hair comb to accent a low chignon.