Loose Curls and Wedding Hair

Tight curls and hair spray laden hair are no more. These days we see a trend towards  a more loose, de constructed and relaxed hair style.  We have identified four hair style trends for 2012 that we think you will love!

 The Braid

The possibilities of the braid are endless. We have the Dutch braid, the side braid, the waterfall braid, the fishtail braid and of coarse the French braid. This is a great way to pull the hair off your face in a beautiful, soft and unstructured way. You can be central, to the side, use all your hair or just parts of it, the possibilities are endless!


The Loose Curls

The loose curl is exactly how it sounds. This style can be done with the hair all down or half down and can be adorned with a beautiful headpiece or flower. This style allows for that unstructured, soft and beautiful look allowing you to show off your beautiful locks on your special day. 


The Grecian

The Grecian style uses lots of hair loosely piled on to the top of the head. This style is very relaxed and is coupled beautifully by a gorgeous hair accessory.


The Messy Up-do

This look is great for that special headpiece or accessory. With the hair off your neck and back this style is perfect to show off the beautiful backside of your dress allowing for everyone to see every gorgeous detail. 



Bridal Bouquets

We have identified some of the 2012 top floral trends for wedding bouquets. Enjoy!

The Playful Bouquet

Consider the playful bouquet to convey spunk and originality  throughout your wedding decor. Consider using a design with a playful and bright color scheme. These colors include hot pinks, navy blues, tangerines and magentas. These colors convey a modern feel and create a fun and energetic ambiance.

 The Green Bouquet

The green bouquet is achieved through organic form and colors that offer an airy, free-flowing look. Complimentary and contrasting foliage and branching is used, giving the overall look a simple and elegant appearance.

The Romantic Bouquet

This bouquet is combined using soft garden flowers such as roses or peonies. The romantic bouquet displays a delicate and soft ambiance.

Handles Galore

We will also see more creative detailing found on the bouquet handle. From lace and velveteen ribbons to damask fabric covered in vintage pins and brooches along with the usual rhinestones and pearls. 


Old Soles

When it comes to what shoes you will wear on your wedding day, today there are more choices then the usual white or ivory. Nowadays bridal footwear can range from worn-in cowboy boots, bright colored heels to even sneakers! Don’t change who you are on your wedding day, instead embrace who you are and add your own personal touch! Here are some fun wedding styles for your special day!

 The Cowboy Boot

Show your country roots with this stylish trend in bridal footwear. Perfect to show off with those knee-high bridesmaids dresses!

The Converse

Allow your unique style to show on your wedding day. Guests will love to see you and your husband's fun personality shinning through!


The Bright Sole

Keep the heel and add the color. Pick your favorite color or match your wedding's color!