Long Sleeves and Lace

Thanks to the lovely Kate Middleton and the latest Twilight installment brides can expect to see more coverage in 2012. While the strapless dress will still rule, expect to see more lace and long sleeves walking down the aisle this season.  This fashion trend highlights sheer backs and illusion sleeves. The illusion sleeve features a sheer, delicate, and often embellished layer of fabric veils skin that would otherwise be exposed allowing for a soft, elegant and romantic twist to the modern bride. 

Photography compliments of The Green Dandelion Floral Design                                   Photography compliments of Kristin Newman Designs 


Cookies and Milk

Nothing goes better together than the mouth-watering sweetness of milk and cookies. Whether you’re serving them as an extra dessert, in a dessert bar or as an accessory to a drink it’s the perfect way to share this yummy and nostalgic trend with your family and friends on your special day!

Both milk and chocolate milk served in shot glasses are the perfect way for servers to share your delicious treat. Make dipping easy and fun by garnishing your drink with this baked treat.

Allow for color to be incorporated into your cookie and milk design.



Loose Curls and Wedding Hair

Tight curls and hair spray laden hair are no more. These days we see a trend towards  a more loose, de constructed and relaxed hair style.  We have identified four hair style trends for 2012 that we think you will love!

 The Braid

The possibilities of the braid are endless. We have the Dutch braid, the side braid, the waterfall braid, the fishtail braid and of coarse the French braid. This is a great way to pull the hair off your face in a beautiful, soft and unstructured way. You can be central, to the side, use all your hair or just parts of it, the possibilities are endless!


The Loose Curls

The loose curl is exactly how it sounds. This style can be done with the hair all down or half down and can be adorned with a beautiful headpiece or flower. This style allows for that unstructured, soft and beautiful look allowing you to show off your beautiful locks on your special day. 


The Grecian

The Grecian style uses lots of hair loosely piled on to the top of the head. This style is very relaxed and is coupled beautifully by a gorgeous hair accessory.


The Messy Up-do

This look is great for that special headpiece or accessory. With the hair off your neck and back this style is perfect to show off the beautiful backside of your dress allowing for everyone to see every gorgeous detail. 



Bridal Bouquets

We have identified some of the 2012 top floral trends for wedding bouquets. Enjoy!

The Playful Bouquet

Consider the playful bouquet to convey spunk and originality  throughout your wedding decor. Consider using a design with a playful and bright color scheme. These colors include hot pinks, navy blues, tangerines and magentas. These colors convey a modern feel and create a fun and energetic ambiance.

 The Green Bouquet

The green bouquet is achieved through organic form and colors that offer an airy, free-flowing look. Complimentary and contrasting foliage and branching is used, giving the overall look a simple and elegant appearance.

The Romantic Bouquet

This bouquet is combined using soft garden flowers such as roses or peonies. The romantic bouquet displays a delicate and soft ambiance.

Handles Galore

We will also see more creative detailing found on the bouquet handle. From lace and velveteen ribbons to damask fabric covered in vintage pins and brooches along with the usual rhinestones and pearls. 


Old Soles

When it comes to what shoes you will wear on your wedding day, today there are more choices then the usual white or ivory. Nowadays bridal footwear can range from worn-in cowboy boots, bright colored heels to even sneakers! Don’t change who you are on your wedding day, instead embrace who you are and add your own personal touch! Here are some fun wedding styles for your special day!

 The Cowboy Boot

Show your country roots with this stylish trend in bridal footwear. Perfect to show off with those knee-high bridesmaids dresses!

The Converse

Allow your unique style to show on your wedding day. Guests will love to see you and your husband's fun personality shinning through!


The Bright Sole

Keep the heel and add the color. Pick your favorite color or match your wedding's color!



Take Me To Paris

What better theme for a wedding than the "City of Love" itself? A popular theme for fall and winter brides this season is Paris in the 1920s - think Woody Allen's "Midnight in Paris" or the popular book "The Paris Wife". Take your guests back in time and across the Atlantic to an era when love, art and merriment ruled the Champs d'Elysses.

All That's Missing Is A Champagne Tower..

A location that harkens back to the 1920s is ideal, but if one is either not available or not in your budget, transform the space with details and music. Think antique roses in vintage vases, old books, gramophones and a swing band. Small touches like these will whisk your guests away to France faster than you can say "Oui Oui!"


That "Oh La La" Look
A vintage-inspired gown with a stunning hair accessory will have you looking gorgeous. Glamorous finger waves or a simple chignon will allow you to show off the detail on your dress and keep your overall look on point.


Coquettish Cuisine

For your parisian soiree, small bites like passed mini ham and brie baguettes and endive filled with walnuts, pear and blue cheese are sure to delight. Other ideas include an oyster and escargot bar, a sweet and savory crepe bar and, to top it all off, a bonbon bar fit for French royalty.


In the immortal words of Audrey Hepburn, "Paris is always a good idea."


Parting Gifts

Most couples agree that it is a nice gesture to send each guest home with a wedding favor to thank them for coming and serve as a keepsake. Here are some of novel ideas for a little "something extra" as your guests depart.

Sweet Dreams

Gift your guests with a little something sweet to top off the evening. A small box of pastel macaroons, a candy bar with take-home bags, or homemade jams (particularly nice for a country-themed or outdoors wedding) are a nice way of saying "thank you" for sharing in your special day.


Keep the Party Going

Homemade CDs with the bride and grooms' favorite tracks are great personalized "thank yous" that your guests can groove to on the trip home and post-wedding. Personalized sunglasses on the table at an outdoor wedding is a great favor that is both functional AND a keepsake.


Lively Libations 

Mason jars filled with hot chocolate mix and mini-marshmallows or your favorite coffee beans are a cute way to finish off the evening. Decorate with a homemade biscotti and you have a perfect pairing for coffee drinkers and chocolate lovers alike. Another great gift are monogrammed wine stoppers - useful and thoughtful!



Hungry Night Owls

After an evening of dancing and drinking, your guests may be wondering if there is a late night room service menu nearby. To put a stop to this common guest quandry, many modern brides and grooms have decided to provide a fourth meal to their loved ones who came with their dancing shoes on. Here are some of our ideas to keep your guests feeling full.

Late Night Perk

For that extra jolt before the commute home, have coffee and donuts out for guests to enjoy. Passed coffee and donut holes make for a nice treat or a coffee bar with donut selection also works well.

Don't Call It A Drive-Thru

For those guests that may have been too busy mingling to enjoy the first meal or had one glass of bubbly too many, stick-to-your-ribs comfort food is greatly appreciated. Sliders, tacos or gourmet pizzas are perfect for passing or for a late-night buffet.



Let Them Eat Cake

As we mentioned above, many friends and family spend their nights catching up with loved ones and completely bypass the cake! To make sure that they get a taste of your layered masterpiece, package it up and send it with them as they depart.



My Fair Lady

A wedding theme growing in popularity nowadays is "country fair." This theme is perfect for the laid-back bride and groom and allows guests to cut loose and enjoy your fun-filled day. 


For this theme, it is important to set the mood without getting too "campy". Some ways to convey the idea without going so far as to include a pig race include a high-pitch tent, delicately-strung lights and milk bottle decor. Familiar games like cornhole (bean bags), horseshoes and croquet set up for kids (and adults!) are sure to please!


Hello Gorgeous! 

For your big day, it is important to be comfortable while still feeling beautiful. Think a billowing wedding dress matched with cowboy boots. Boots with dresses and gorgeous wildflower bouquets work well for the bridesmaids, too. For a great photo op with the groom, set up a "kissing booth" at the venue that can be used throughout the evening by grandparents, guests and the ocassional preschool pairing.


Country Fare

Though delicious, Surf n' Turk is typically not a staple at the fair. Forego the fine-dining fare for a less buttoned-up menu. For hor d'oeurves, mini corn dogs, BBQ sliders, fried green tomatoes and fried okra with spicy dipping sauce are perfect picks. For dessert, cotton candy makes a beautiful and cheerful childhood throwback, as do candy apples and whoopie pies. Another clever idea is a popcorn bar - a fun take-home treat!



Cold Hands, Warmest Hearts

While the temperatures drop, with Fall and Winter right around the corner, considerate brides and grooms want to ensure that their guests are cozy and comfortable throughout their special day. Whether you plan to have an indoor or outdoor wedding, it is important to make sure your family and friends are more focused on the party and less about finding the nearest fireplace. Here are some of our ideas on how to make sure your party is warm and inviting.

Bundle Up

For cold-blooded guests, the chill of an indoor shopping mall might be too much to handle. Whether your ceremony or reception is indoors or outdoors, a basket filled with pashminas in your wedding's colors would allow your guests to cuddle up and focus on the celebration. Particularly for a more rustic country wedding, blankets also fit the bill quite nicely.


Staying Toasty Long After The Toast

Food choices can also help keep the frost from coming. Warm pumpkin soup will help fight the wintertime chill as a delicious seasonal appetizer. After dinner is served, mason jars filled with hot chocolate and a graham cracker crust rim are sure to soothe and delight.


Work Up A Sweat

A great band or DJ is essential to keep the party going. If the guests are dancing, they surely are not worried about the breeze. For those guests who did not put on their dancing shoes for the evening, provide a basket of sandals in a variety of sizes to make sure the dance floor stays busy. For those that just simply do not dance, comfortable couches with pillows and blankets are a great solution. 



Up In The Air

Balloons are often used at weddings for decoration and tremendous photo opportunities for the newlywed couple and their wedding party. While flowers admittedly take the cake for the typical decoration go-to, balloons are making a comeback as an affordable way to decorate, insert pops of color and create a sense of whimsy that a centerpiece of roses just cannot accomplish.

High-Flying Photo Op

Whether it be a bride and groom holding bundles of balloons or letting them go into the night sky, balloons make for a fantastic photo op. Wedding parties with each member grasping an individual string is another picture-perfect idea.


Aerial Adornments

One fun way to incorporate balloons into your big day is to tie them with ribbons to your guests' chairs or buffet tables in your wedding's color palette. To insert color into your celebration, have boatloads of balloons float to the top of a tent or ceiling - whimsical, unexpected and positively charming.




Beautiful Banquets

One trend we are noticing this season is the long banquet table. Not only do they look appealing and photograph well, tables with length create a fun, personal atmosphere. They allow for guests to feel as if they are "in" on the action throughout the entire reception. If you have a venue that can accommodate one single lengthy table or a few slightly smaller banquet tables, they can be a treat to decorate. Here are some of our favorite ideas on how to treat this type of table.

Scene-Stealing Centerpieces 

When choosing centerpieces for this style of table, or any style of table for that matter, it is important to make sure that the centerpieces do not distract from guest conversations. Think low centerpieces, like troughs of antique roses or bundles of hydrangeas in shallow bowls. Birdcages mixed in with these centerpieces also make for an unexpected yet beautiful table scape as well.


Opulent Illumination

The key to banquet table lighting is to keep the lighting coming from the top so as to not clutter the table. With this in mind, tall and skinny candelabras studding the table make for a dramatic and gorgeous scene. Chandeliers, mismatched or all similar styles, also set the tone for a sophisticated and intimate affair.


Rustic Touches

One very beautiful trend we are seeing right now is banquet tables oozing with rustic glamour. Pair the aforementioned chandeliers with long wooden banquet tables and mismatched chairs for a rustic, eclectic feel. Centerpieces like wicker baskets and wooden candleholders also make for a nice pairing with milk glass hobnail and vintage glassware. Or let the reception venue do the talking and twist and turn a banquet table around your natural surroundings for the ultimate rustic, organic feel!



The Getaway Vehicle

Because the departure of the bride and groom into marital bliss is one of the most memorable moments of any wedding reception, it is important to make the most of this photo-op with a vehicle that is representative of both you as a couple and your celebration. Here are some unique ideas about how to make your departure as memorable as your walk down the aisle.

Rev Your Engines

For the fun-loving, adventurous couple, motorcycles or scooters are the way to go! Cruise away in style on a motorcycle with an attached sidecar. Another cute way to burn some rubber on your way out of town is on a motor scooter - you'll be the envy of the entire wedding party!


Vintage Vehicles

There's nothing cooler than cruising in a vintage ride. An old Ford Model A is perfect for a classic, country wedding. For a retro 1950s nod, choose a classic Cadillac convertible or a Rolls Royce to spice up the night. Lastly, whether your wedding is a city affair or maybe you're just a city-loving couple, a vintage taxicab fits the bill quite nicely.


Unconventional Cruisers

These modes of transportation are a bit unique but impossibly cool. Though there are some obvious limitations to this choice, a boat with a "Just Married" sign is perfect for a dockside destination wedding. After getting hitched, a couple can also hitch up to a horse and buggy and cruise away in almost any setting. And for the free-spirited couple after their day wedding, there is no better way to kick off a honeymoon than to choose a bicycle to say their farewells!



In The Nude

Au natural is a growing trend for weddings nowadays...of course, we're referring to the natural, clean beauty of a neutral color palette! Couples who opt for this look steer clear of pop colors and choose nudes, creams and whites instead. This color palette, though muted, can make an understated, yet powerful statement.

Blushing Bride

Brides are veering away from fake tans and caked-on makeup and opting for a much more understated, natural look. Minimal eye makeup, rosy cheeks and a nude lip allow guests to see your natural beauty and wedding glow (courtesy of Mother Nature!)


To Die For Dresses

When it comes to the dresses selection, tones of nude, cream, white and blush all work well. For brides, white rules the runway and the real world. However, for bridesmaids, you can pick one shade or a variety of neutral tones for a gorgeous color scheme that will highlight their natural beauty.


Fresh Florals

Understated bouquets can make quite the statement. An all white floral arrangement is clearly an classic and elegant choice for any affair. Simple and refreshing, white flowers can help accentuate dress details and gorgeous venues.  For a slight pop of color that looks great with a nude palette, go for pretty pastels.



No More Tiers

Single is the way to go at your wedding this year - single layer cakes, that is! This growing cake trend steers clear of the multi-tiered confections and receives a make-under in the form of one single layer. Though simple, we have been seeing more and more couples letting their personality shine through this option. Another benefit of this choice is avoiding the dreaded toppling cake that you have heard nightmares about. Here are some of our favorite ideas for jazzing up your baked and frosted masterpiece.

Sleek and Sweet

Plain iced cakes can look gorgeous when done well and allow guests to focus on the flavor, which is exactly what matters to them! This option also allows for flavor experimentation and is perfect for an understated, modern wedding. These cakes, displayed on elegant stands, make for a gorgeous table scape and leave guests wondering when it's time to finally cut the cake! 


Floral Fever

What better decoration is there than nature's beauty? Select a cake topped with roses or peonies or daisies cascading down your cake and onto the stand. You can also create a floral design if you'd prefer the cake to be entirely edible. Whichever way you choose, the key to this look is to let Mother Nature do the talking. 

floral cake  

Pretty as a Present

A ribbon design is a chic and modern way to jazz up your cake. Whether it looks like a present or more of a pattern or design, ribbons are a great way to add flair to your work of art.



Birds Of A Feather

Hello, love birds! Bird is most definitely the word for weddings in 2013. This trend, which has been gaining steam in 2012, will be in full flight by the end of the year and well into the new year. Not only is the theme on-trend, but also sentimental, whimsical and sweet - all perfect adjectives to describe an affair to remember! 

Birds as Decor

Birds incorporated into your wedding decor can create subtle and elegant touches to a nature-themed wedding. Nests and birdcages as your tables' centerpieces will be a noticeable trend for the new year. Bird garland hung at a buffet table, gift table or on a wire to designate table assignments makes for cute and quirky decor. For a healthy dose of color and drama, peacock feathers can be incorporate into your elegant affair to make it all the more memorable. Last but not least, for the most perfect swan song, an aviary-themed wedding cake fits the bill just right.

Bird Typography

The first glimpses into your wedding theme is the Save The Date and invitation. Therefore, take this time to capitalize on the theme from the get go! Bird imagery used in coordination with your chosen typography can be both beautiful and modern. RSVP cards laser cut into the shape of birds is a cute idea as well.


Feathered Dresses

Dresses with feather details were huge in 2012 and will continue to grow in popularity in 2013. A dress with feather accents can be both dramatic and airy at the same time - a beautiful juxtaposition that will leave your guests' heads turning. Another growing trend is feather accessories. Brides may also choose a feathered hair accessory or a beautiful feathered shoes which give a subtle nod to our feathered friends as well.



Preppy Perfection

For those of you who find the beauty in clean lines, bowties, monogramming and pinstripes, you don't have to sweep this side of you under the rug on your wedding day. The most important thing is to have your wedding reflect you both as a couple and let's face it - you're both preps! So let your preppy pinstriped flag fly high and take a look at some of our favorite wedding ideas to reveal your inner prep!

Country Club Couture

When it comes to what to wear, the most important thing to consider is clean lines. With that in mind, strapless dresses or halters topped off with a strand of pearls is preppy perfection. Have fun with your footwear and insert a pop color. Simplicity is key for the bridal look. For the groom and his gents, lightweight suits in cream or white paired with boat shoes are a great look. If your wedding is more formal, a suit paired with a fun-colored bowtie or tie is an ideal choice. 


Pretty and Personalized 

For a preppy wedding straight from the country club, it's all about the little details. Crisp white napkins monogrammed with your new initials or ribbon and stripe detail on vases, napkins or menus are all perfect picks. When it comes to the flowers, think northeastern flowers, like roses and hydrangeas, in all white or with pops of color. 


Seaside Cuisine

Seafood is a must for a country club-inspired celebration. Miniature lobster rolls, passed shrimp and smoked salmon on cucumber slices are all on point. For the entry, a clambake makes for a great selection, as does surf and turf. And as for dessert, a white cake with blueberry filling along with an assortment of berry pies will make your guests feel like they took the Jitney to the Hamptons for an evening! 



2013 Wedding Dress Trends: Portrait Backs and Peplums

In the coming year, we see a number of new trends emerging - short dresses, A-line dresses, high-low hemlines and dresses in a variety of colors. However, the overwhelming consensus states that portrait back dresses and peplums will reign as 2013's top trends. Delicate and ladylike, these two dress styles can be interpreted in a variety of ways but one thing is for sure - there is no misinterpreting the fact that your true beauty will shine bright in these gorgeous ensembles! 

Picture-Perfect Portrait Backs

Give your guests a glimpse of skin while staying impossibly elegant with a lovely portrait back. These dress designs, which feature sheer or lace embellishments on the back side of the gown, are a delicate and sophisticated twist to the modern wedding dress. Whether you choose a gown adorned with fabric petals, beading or embroidery, you will certainly be 360 degrees of bridal beauty perfection.


Pretty Peplums

Ladylike peplums are being seen all over the bridal runways for Spring/Summer 2013. Classy and elegant, peplum dresses create a beautiful silhouette for any bride. Peplums can vary according to preference - simple and chic to elaborate and dramatic. Whichever way you choose to wear this trend, you are sure to be a show stopper! 



Cakes As A Canvas

Want your cake to be as pretty as a picture? Then why not make it one! Painted cakes are all the rage right now and are a creative way of taking the standard all-white cake and making it into much, much more. Perfect for the couple with artistic flair who doesn't mind straying from tradition, painted cakes allow a couple to express themselves and transform their cakes into a bonafied work of art.  

Gilded and Gorgeous

One very haute trend right now is painted cakes designed to look like stained glass. A heavy line defining a floral design is elegant and dramatic and creates a unique look for any reception. So chic!


Watercolor Wonders

A simple white cake can be your three-dimensional canvas if you want it to be! Try this delicate technique and turn your tasty cake into a sweet masterpiece. Warning: You just might find this cake too beautiful to eat! 


Delectable Design

Just like in an art gallery, every patron has their own personal tastes. With this in mind, couples can go "off the grid" when it comes to the traditional and go as abstract and different as they would like! Marbleized cakes, cakes with floral silhouettes or just a beautiful painted design all make for painted perfection!



Not Your Average Tablecloth

These days, couples are forgoing the standard white linens and selecting something a bit more show-stopping. When couples choose a more noticeable linen, they should choose centerpieces with less impact to let their linens take part in the statement. Here are three tablecloth trends we are seeing that top off a gorgeous table scape.

Sequin Linens

A little added sparkle and shine can make a wedding go from lovely to absolutely breathtaking in 2 seconds flat. For a cake table that is sure to amp up the drama, choose a spectacular sequin-encrusted linen that screams "look at this cake!" This look is great for one or two tables that warrant attention, including the newlywed table or the sweets table. For a more subtle shine, a sequin table runner or a textured sequin and beaded linen work perfectly at each table. 


Ruffled Linens

Ruffles are a popular way to add some jazz to a wedding reception. Diverting from the standard linens provided by your chosen venue, a ruffled high-top table cloth is perfect for a dramatic impression. For a seated meal or buffet table, ruffles on the edge of the tablecloth are both feminine and demure.


Ladylike Linens

Lace linens are making quite an impact on weddings nowadays. For a proper, vintage-inspired fete, a delicate lace table can be a stunning addition. For a long banquet table, a lace table runner can be a sophisticated touch.



Shades Of Color

One of the biggest color scheme trends in the wedding scene is ombre. No matter what shade you choose, the gradual flow from vibrant to pale is undeniably gorgeous. Those slight changes in pigment, whether they are reflected in your food, decor, dress or florals, make for an artistic and abstract vision that will make your celebration one to be remembered for years to come.

Colorful Cakes

Incorporating gradients of color into your cake confection is both modern and elegant. Make each layer of frosting flow into a deeper shade of your chosen hue or you can opt to keep it a surprise until you cut into the cake. This colorful trend can be utilized in other sweets of your choosing - cake balls, cupcakes or cookies! 


Dreamy Decor

Ombre is an ethereal trend that shows no sign of slowing down. Choose an ombre linen for a lovely seated dinner or create an ombre backdrop to a buffet table at your reception. If you choose to have a newlyweds table, ombre-ribbons tied to the back of your chairs indicate that these are the most special seats in the house. And what better way to walk down the aisle than on piles of ombre rose petals? We can't think of anything more dreamy.


Flowy Florals

Florals with colors that flow into each other are both lush and eye-catching. Allow your centerpiece to speak volumes with a subtle change of shades, which also can be used in a cascading bridal bouquet. Ombre flowers attached to an on-trend buffet backdrop help drive home this whimsical trend. 



Mint To Be

Mint is the word in weddings for 2013. This fresh hue, which was spotted all over the runways for Spring/Summer 2013, is making a huge comeback since its wild popularity back in the 1950s, thanks to the vintage trend in weddings nowadays. Brides and grooms will be putting a modern spin on this classic color, which brings it to the forefront of bridal trends to watch!

Freshly Dressed

Whether it be a structured design or floaty and free, a mint-colored bridesmaid dress is flattering on most skin tones, leaving your most-important ladies feeling lovely. As wedding gowns are becoming increasing less traditional, the choice of a flowing mint green gown will leave you looking like a glowing goddess. If you'd like to keep it more traditional, mint accessories like a fabulous pair of shoes or glittery earrings would allow for a more subtle pop of color.


Mint Masterpieces

Mint takes the cake for trends in 2013! Let it take over your cake as well. A fresh mint-colored cake is a delicate and delectable choice, adorned with a floral design or perhaps a more modern design. If cake is not your style or you choose to do a second dessert option, think about childhood favorite mint chocolate cupcakes or elegant mint-flavored macaroons. Whichever way you choose, your sweet of choice is sure to be as pretty as a present! 


It's All In The Details

The key to this color is all in the details. To incorporate two very hot trends in a very cool way, create a mint backdrop out of ribbons and pearls for a glorious photo-op. When it comes to your bridal bouquet, keep it elegant by incorporating fresh succulents into your design. For transportation, choose a mint-condition vintage vehicle (pardon the cheesy pun!) to ride away in style. And as guests depart from your affair, keep their breath minty fresh with a tin of aptly-colored breath fresheners. 



Real Wedding - Meredith and Grady

We were honored to help with Meredith Woodruff and Grady Reiff's wedding on June 23, 2012. They were married at Park Cities Baptist Church and their reception was held at the Nasher Sculpture Center. The happy couple met at University of Texas in Austin and dated seven years prior to their wedding date. This wedding had gorgeous details and was a perfect blend of timeless sophistication combined with their Texas roots.

Cuvee served as the entertainment for the evening and kept guests and the bride on the dance floor all evening. The newlyweds were introduced and walked into the reception with the Texas Fight Song as background music and went into their first dance, For the First Time in My Life. The father of the bride then asked for a special dance with his daughter and they danced to Isn't She Lovely.

After the cake cutting, we put out Krispy Kreme glazed and chocolate covered donuts for guests to enjoy or take as a favor. At departure, the couple put on their custom made orchid leis (their honeymoon location was Hawaii) and they exited to a vintage white Rolls-Royce.

This family was an absolute pleasure to work with and we thank you for letting us be a part of your special day!  We wish you all the best!


Wedding Planner- Crystal Frasier Weddings
Bridesmaids Luncheon- Zodiac Room 
Rehearsal Dinner- The Dallas Zoo 
Out of Town Accommodations-  Hotel Palomar
Ceremony-  Park Cities Baptist Church
Reception Venue- Nasher Sculpture Museum
Make-Up- My Fabulous Faces
Hair- Carl Bowling 
Photographer- Andrea Polito Photography
Band- Cuvee,
Wedding Gown- Monique Lhullier
Bridesmaid Dresses- Bella Bridesmaid
Cake- Panini Bakery
Floral/Decor- Fete Des Fleurs
Favors- Krispy Kreme
Rentals- Ducky Bob's Event Specialists
Transportation- Buses by Bill


The Look Of Love

One of the most sincere photo-op moments a bride and groom can have is the "First Look" shot. This picture, taken before your walk down the aisle, allows brides and grooms to see your spouse-to-be for the first time on your big day, get out the tears and dry your eyes moments before you walk into the ceremony. Traditionally, brides and grooms alike are overwhelmed with emotion as the ceremony doors open in front of your guests, but this new trend many couples are opting for allows you to have a more intimate reveal between the two of you that you can cherish forever in pictures. Here are just a few of our favorite images that need no commentary. They say it all...



Seeing Red

Red is one hot hue for Winter 2012. Not just any red though....think rich, dark, sultry oxblood red. This color is all over the catwalk and has been making quite a mark in the decor world as well. This color not only says romance but also brings a tasteful level of drama and glamour that will make a winter wedding pack a punch. Here are some of our ideas on how you can inject this bold hue into your special day.

Paint The Town Red

Oxblood is a gorgeous, rich color and you will look positively perfect if you decide to insert it into your ensemble. For the daring bride, pick a deep red dress to make a fashion forward statement that is all over the runways right now. For the bride who wants to play it a bit more safe, paint your pucker a darker shade of crimson or let your heels do the walking and the talking! Lastly, a dark red bouquet can make quite the statement against a pristine white dress.


Desirable Decor

Injecting oxblood into your flowers and decor is a trend we are passionate about. Choose deep red roses for a perfect centerpiece scattered alongside flickering candles or let orbs of roses guide you down the aisle to your sweetie. And to further the romantic wedding motif, allow deep wine-colored decorations to be the highlight of both your ceremony and reception, like this ruffled heart which would be perfectly placed on a ceremony door. Dark red lanterns strung up also make quite an impact.


Crimson Cakes

For a statement cake that everyone will want to eat, accent your frosted masterpiece with red flowers for a luscious look. Or perhaps you will choose to accent your cake with a mixture of ruby red raspberries and strawberries instead. For a rich surprise, choose a red velvet cake that looks demure, but tastes divine. And for a desirable to-go favor, red velvet cakes in jars make a perfect treat for the day after.



Wood You Be Mine?

With the less-is-more trend we see going on nowadays, we see all-natural weddings being big for the new year! Rustic bark is being used everywhere in weddings...decor, floral arrangements and even cakes! This trend is not only budget-friendly and low-key but surprisingly beautiful, perfect for the nature-loving couple.  Let's check out some of the creative ways in which bark is being transformed into something much, much more.

Rustic and Ravishing 

Who knew bark could give us such wedding inspiration? Decor that features this natural material is both understated and elegant. Bark-wrapped candles adorning the guests' tables or table numbers painted onto log rings is ideal for an outdoor fete, as are escort cards tucked into wooden stands. Another great idea is a rustic canopy made of birch. What a perfect place to solidify your bond as a couple!


Forest Florals

Bark is an excellent vehicle to display your lush florals. Due to it's flexibility, bark can bend and create a container for the florals of your choosing. It is such a departure from the expected glass and porcelain vases being chosen by brides and grooms for years and elevates your table decor to rustic "work of art" status. To further the motif, wrap your bridal bouquet in bark for a woodsy feel.


Cakes Worth Pining For

When it comes to cakes, the sky is the limit and the options are endless as to how you can design them. They can be frosted to look like a tree itself, complete with initial carvings. If that is not your style, a wooden stand is a nice way to emphasize the rustic theme as well.



Crown Jewel

If you feel like a princess on your wedding day, why not BE a princess? One trend we are loving right now is the lovely and ethereal choice of a floral crown. A floral crown is such an elegant choice to highlight your natural beauty and help you feel like the gorgeous girl you are. Here are some of our favorite picks to make you feel like a blissful, botanical bride and help make your little ladies feel beautiful too.

Pretty As A Princess

Flower crowns can be vary greatly, as seen in the pictures below. For a more traditional flower crown, choose baby's breath to highlight your beauty without overwhelming you. For a more bold and beautiful look, choose large, brightly colored roses and peonies in a variety of colors to look very boho lovely - perfect for an outdoor ceremony! For a look that transitions from both outdoors and indoors, wreaths made of silk flowers say "vintage chic" without the worry of wilting blooms.


Flower Girls

It's important as a caring bride to make sure your little lovely ladies feel lovely too! Since they are pint-sized versions of yourself, adorn your flower girls in smaller, more understated crowns for a sweet look. Little angels walking down the aisle... now let's just hope they behave as sweet as they look!



Fall In Love

Fall foliage is the first indication that the holiday season is rapidly approaching and is an excellent addition to a fall wedding fete. It is important as a saavy bride and groom to pick flower arrangements that are season-appropriate, embracing your choice of a September-November wedding and staying cost-effective.  While spring and summer blooms are no longer in season, there are plenty of gorgeous fall flowers that have us giving thanks! 

Divine Dahlias

Dahlias are a fall floral that can stand alone or mesh well in a crowd. Choose a deep aubergine or pumpkin-colored bouquet for a lovely wedding statement or let dahlias share the spotlight, like in this bridal bouquet of deep red dahlias and roses. 


Romantic Roses

Luckily for brides, the most commonly used and ever-gorgeous rose is always in season as they are in high-demand year round. For a festive fall look, choose colors like reds, oranges and yellows to carry down the aisle accented with oak leaves and berries. Or for a look that says fall but hints at spring to come, choose flowers of this aforementioned color scheme dabbled with fresh green roses and leaves. 


Ravishing Ranunculus 

Ranunculus are a slightly lesser-known flower but pack a similar punch as a peony. Choose an all-ranunculus bouquet of orange-colored blooms or accent these flowers with fall hydrangeas. For a spunky and unique arrangement, sunset-colored ranunculus and sunshine yellow billy bottoms are sure to convey your happiness on your very happy day.



The Braided and The Beautiful

One very hot (and practical!) trend that we are seeing right now and predict it to remain popular in 2013 is the incorporation of braids into your wedding 'do. Not only is it in fashion and has proven the test of time over a number of years, it is highly practical because it doesn't require a lot of muss and fuss. Behold, all the different ways you can look beautiful in braids!

Au Natural 'Do

For the natural and perhaps slightly more boho bride, let your hair down wild and free and accent this look with a lovely braid. A side braid is a nice and simple style that will jazz up your mane. Or for a slightly more modern look, choose a waterfall braid, which happens to look spectacular with highlights!


Classic Plaits

Though classic, the braid in its simplest form is often the most beautiful. One long, side swept fishtail braid is so simple and lovely. Or a bride can go a step further and create a braided headband that moves into a long braid. 


Braided Buns 

An elegant way to incorporate braids into your wedding look is with a plaited updo. Choose a side braid into a neat bun or twisted braids that come together in a slightly messy hairstyle. To liven up the look, fresh flowers of your choosing accent this look well. Or create a fresh and clean look that frames your face beautifully, create a braided "hairband" that is sleek and sophisticated.



Southern Comfort

For any southern couple who grew up eating grits, what better way to celebrate your Old South heritage than an homage on your wedding day in the form of food? Even if you are not a *true* southerner, we think that nothing sounds better than a little southern-fried love.

Americana Appetizers

It is important as hosts to serve guests one-bite options to pop in their mouths and continue mingling. With that in mind, we have a few southern-inspired appetizer options that fit the bill. As we know, deviled eggs are the way to any southern belle's heart so why not serve them at your wedding? For other easy-to-eat options, choose angel biscuits with pimento cheese or honey butter, fried green tomatoes and okra with creamy remoulade sauce. And for a unique buffet idea that is sure to please picky palettes, pickled vegetables are perfection plain or to top off a bloody mary bar! 


Countryside Entrees

No matter what part of the south you hail from, we have comforting entree ideas for every region. For a seated entree option, shrimp and grits is sure to please, and can be turned into an easy buffet option if served in a martini glass complete with spoon. For other meaty options, fried chicken and bbq are perfect picks as well. And for a side dish that is a southern-approved classic, ooey gooey macaroni and cheese couldn't be a better choice!


Deep South Desserts & Drinks

As any good host knows, libations are key! To continue the theme, choose texas tea vodka cocktails or derby-friendly mint juleps are perfect signature cocktails for passing. And for dessert, a buffet of different pies - rhubarb, peach, blueberry, banana creme - are the answer!



Pearl Girl

Pearls are undeniably classic and a big trend we anticipate seeing in 2013. We're not sure if we can officially call it a "trend" as it has stood the test of time ten times over, but we do know that people will be wearing this look more because of styles we've seen on the bridal runways. Whether you are rocking a pair of vintage pearls passed down by a relative or taking a slightly less conventional approach to the look, pearls are pristine perfection. Here are our favorite ways to don these lovely little gems.

Pearl Touches

Whether you are incorporating your "something old" into your ensemble or are sporting a brand new look, pearls will not be something you will look back on in twenty years and ask "what was I thinking?" because the fact of the matter is... pearls are always a smart choice. Whether you choose a traditional hair comb to hold your chignon in place or a stunning statement necklace of pearls, these choices are brilliant. But another very brilliant choice is to flaunt your wedding pedi with pearl peep toes... we just love this!


Pearl Bouquets

Pearls are a traditional symbol of purity so what better way to walk down the aisle than holding a bouquet adorned with pearls? For a slightly less traditional look, carry a bouquet of fabric flowers studded with pearls and crystals for an arrangement you can cherish for a lifetime. Or to embrace the brooch bouquet trend that is oh-so-hot right now, carry a crystal and pearl bouquet that is sure to make a statement. Or for a slightly more classic look, wrap your bouquet in lace and fabric and adorn the handle with a vintage brooch or a strand of pearls. 


Perfectly Pearlized Cakes

For a preppy and clean cake, choose pearl decor to drive home the theme of your big day. Whether your cake is decorated with draping pearls, studded with little pearl circles or trimmed in solid strands, all looks look very polished. For a more modern look, ask your wedding cake designer to cluster different sizes of pearls for a unique and lovely statement. 



Tea For Two

Whether you are the bookish, tea-drinking type or just enjoy the aesthetic, a tea party can serve as excellent inspiration for your bridal shower, engagement party, rehearsal dinner or wedding! This look can go English countryside vintage chic or whimsical Mad Hatter tea party...let your imagination brew and see what comes of it. But in the meantime, we'll get your creative juices flowing with some of our favorite ideas!

Impressive Invitations

As any good planner knows, invitations are the first glimpse at the celebration so let your theme shine! For the precursor events, use the tea party imagery to make a cute party invite. Or let the tea literally do the talking and personalize a tea bag with the party details. If you'd like to keep your wedding invitation a bit more formal and steer clear of the word "cute", choose a lace envelope that's inspired by an proper lace tablecloth of the same material. 


Darjeeling-Inspired Decor

For your tea party-themed event, long banquet tables studded with teapots and tea cups are perfect for your guests to pour over. And for an eye-catching centerpiece, stack vintage teacups and pots to make table setting towers. If flowers are more your style, antique tea canisters filled with tea roses and other blush-toned florals make for a unique and lovely display. To accent the tea party decor, lacey picture frames and vintage luggage are lovely to look at. And for additional guest seating, coffee tables strewn with platters of tea sandwiches and cakes are perfect for guests to sit around and sip!


Tea Time

It's a nice idea to give your guests a little extra perk before they leave your soiree. Create a tea bar with different types of flavors of the beverage to be scooped into personalized tea pouches. Or, to simplify the process, individual tea portions with you and your sweetheart's name and wedding date on it are perfect take home gifts. However, if your guests are filled to the brim with tea, be a DIY bride and make candles out of vintage, flea market tea cups!



Something Blue

Everyone knows the saying. And most also know that wearing something old, new, borrowed and blue ensures a bride's good luck as she walks down the aisle. Of the four - old, new, borrowed, and blue - perhaps the one you can have the most fun with stylistically is blue. And with designers nowadays thinking of creative ways to keep that saying alive, brides have a bevy of options of how to insert a little blue pop into their wedding look!

Blue Bouquets

One beautiful way to incorporate blue into your look is to carry a blue-hued bouquet down the aisle. A bundle of blue hydrangeas is a perfect pick for a spring or summer wedding celebration. Or perhaps a bouquet studded with blue bonnets for a nod to Texas hill country is more your speed. Whichever way you choose, you will surely be a blushing, anything but blue bride!


Sapphire Accessories

As we mentioned before, designers are taking into account brides' questions to find gorgeous, blue-hued items to incorporate into their bridal looks and there is certainly no shortage of creative ideas! For a sophisticated country wedding, incorporate blue flowers into your wedding 'do. Or opt for a beautifully beaded blue clutch to carry your wedding day necessities in. Another option is to find a deep blue heel to hide underneath your bridal petticoat - to keep you staying gorgeous and with good fortune with every step you take on your big day!


Glorious Gems

One subtle and elegant way to incorporate blue into your ensemble is to pick jewels to wear in your lucky color. Choose dangling sapphire earrings to keep you twinkling bright at your ceremony and reception. Or choose an eye-catching bib necklace accented with blue ribbon to keep luck close to your heart. Or perhaps you can incorporate both old and blue if you choose a vintage, blue-jeweled hair comb to accent a low chignon.



Prints and Patterns Galore

One very hot trend we are seeing more of in 2012 and predict to stay very hot in Spring 2013 is printed bridesmaids dresses. Brides are veering away from the traditional, matchy-matchy bridesmaids looks and opting for a look that is much more unique and fun! Here are some of our top patterned looks that we forsee much more of in the new year!

Striped Supporting Ladies

If you are going for a sleek and preppy look for your bridesmaid bunch, stripes are an excellent choice. They allow for brides to play with the idea of separates and are very slimming if the correct pattern is selected. We love the look of these navy and white striped dresses this bride has chosen below or the black and white polka dot and stripe combination. Another one of our favorite looks is a simple top and a peppy striped skirt. This look will keep your ladies feeling comfortable and they might actually even have a chance of sporting the ensemble again! 


Floral and Fabulous

Perfect for a spring or summer garden wedding, a floral dress presents a nice graphic quality to your bridesmaids dresses while still being fresh. A full-length floral gown is a bit more formal but is a far cry from black tie. Or, for a more casual daytime wedding, a shorter floral-patterned frock is casual and cute. 


Mixed and Matched Maids

This prints trend we are seeing is definitely open for interpretation and use of your artistic eye. For a more relaxed look, incorporate prints and solid-colored dresses together for an effortlessly chic look. This will also allow your bridesmaids the option of being more fashion-forward or traditional with their wedding ensemble!



The British Are Coming!

Nowadays, it seems like British influence is everywhere. British aesthetic and traditions are seeping into wedding culture and are making quite a splash! So let’s take a trip across the pond and look at some of our favorite English influences.

 Royal Touches

Whether you did a study abroad program in Oxford, come from an English descent or just have an affinity for all things British and want to make your wedding the new royal wedding, we have some great ideas for you. To transport your guests to and from the event, rather than choosing the standard limosine, opt for a double decker bus! To further the English theme, choose subtle Union Jack decor, so as to not mistake your wedding for a Heathrow gift shop. Other decor options include old English tea sets and newspaper influences. 




Tea Time Treats

 If you are going to have a British-themed affair, food must be carefully selected. For fare reminiscent of foggy Londontown, select individual portions of fish and chips wrapped in newspaper cones to please your attendees. Other bites that are perfect picks include crustless finger sandwiches and fresh scones with jam and Devonshire cream. These selections will have you feeling like you are across the Atlantic faster than the speeding Concord.